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Get Reorganized and STAY Organized!

** Beginning February 1, 2022, will be applying a surcharge fee to all credit card payments to cover the cost of processing credit card transactions.**

Disclosure of Surcharge

To cover the cost of processing a credit or charge card transaction, and pursuant to section 5–2–212, Colorado Revised Statutes, a seller or lessor may impose a processing surcharge in an amount not to exceed either 2% of the total payment made for goods or services purchased or leased by use of a credit or charge card or the merchant discount fee that the seller or lessor incurs in processing the sales or lease transaction. A seller or lessor shall not impose a processing surcharge on payments made by use of cash, a check, or a debit card or redemption of a gift card.


90-Minutes - $197

- Assess current layout and furniture.

- Look at current storage systems.

- Evaluate overall desires, current circumstances, and goals.

- Customize a plan based on budget, timeline, and goals


Get Digitally Reorganized

We will focus on your most immediate need which may be decluttering and organizing your email inbox, creating a 'digital filing cabinet' or teaching you productivity skills as it relates to working in the digital workspace.

2 Hours - $249

4 Hours - $450

6 Hours - $625

10 Hours - $997


3 months - $195/mo or $550 up front

6 months - $180/mo or $1,000 up front

2x, 1-Hour Bi-Weekly Sessions
+10% off additional services purchased

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