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6 Eco-Friendly Home Office Hacks

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In honor of Earth Day, here are six easy-to-implement ideas for a more earth-friendly home office.

Add a plant to your office

You can literally make your office greener by adding a new plant friend! Plants not only add visual interest to your home office, but they directly help the planet by cleaning the air.

If you’re not really a plant person, or if you have a history of plants not surviving while under your care, one of these three varieties are good options to start with.  Plus, all three of these plants have the added benefit of needing less water, increasing their earth-friendly benefits.

3 easy-to-care-for plants:

  1. Cacti & Succulents

plants in a row

Cati & succulent plants

  1. Air Plants

air plant in bottle

Air plants in glass bottles

  1. Pothos Plants

plant next to office chair

Pothos plant

Go 100% paperless for a day

The majority of us are already mostly paperless, but can you make a conscious effort to be 100% paperless for an entire day? Here are a few ideas for upping your paperless practice.

  1. Don’t use any sticky notes for the day

  2. Share a digital business card

  3. Take notes on your phone

If you’re still swimming in paper and want to make a long-term change to an almost paperless office, consider spending a few days purging (and recycling) old documents and papers that might be in your way.

Guess what??? You can get it done in just three days! It’s super easy! Take my 3-day Paper Declutter Challenge.