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Get the Most out of Your Internet Browser – Tips & Tricks

An overlooked method of productivity is at your fingertips every day. How well do you know your Internet browser and all the features created to help you become more efficient and productive? Let’s focus on Google Chrome and show you how to use this browser’s many features as a means of bolstering your productivity in this digital environment.

Tips and Tricks for Google Chrome:

Start Up Pages

If you find that you are opening the same website, or number of websites, each time you pull up your browser, look into making them Start Up Pages. By setting your own start up pages, you control what you see first when you sit down to use the Internet.


Bookmarks are not new. They exist to help you track all the websites you want to revisit later. To manage your saved sites, go to Bookmarks and then Bookmarks Manager in the toolbar. If you want to add a bookmark quickly, use Command + D or Ctrl + D.


There are hundreds of extensions available to Chrome users to enhance and customize their browser. From ad blocker extensions to password managers to making it easy to add items from any website to your Amazon wish list, there are extensions for everything. Check out the available extensions at the Chrome Web Store.

Autofill Settings

You can manage your autofill settings or let them manage you. Google Chrome will automatically store information that it thinks you will use often, such as your address, phone number, email, etc. This can be extremely useful in filling out online forms and profiles or it can be frustrating when the information is inaccurate. You can manage your autofill settings instead, giving you more control over your browsing experience.

Syncing Across Devices

If you want the same browsing experience on your phone, your tablet, and your computer, you can set up Chrome to sync your bookmarks, passwords, history, and other settings across all your devices.

Desktop Shortcuts

Love the convenience of desktop shortcuts? They aren’t limited to just apps. You can easily set any website as a desktop shortcut if you find that you use it often and the shortcut would be helpful to you.

Download Location

Did you know that you can set your download location so it doesn’t have to automatically store downloaded files in the Downloads folder? If you are working on a big project and you need the downloads to go straight to a specific folder, change your Download Location temporarily to save yourself those extra steps of moving the files later.

Cast Your Screen

Want to use your internet on your TV? Chrome is perfectly set up for casting your device screen onto your television.

History Settings

Sometimes you’ll want to go back and access websites you’ve recently visited. The History section stores all the activity of your browser so you can refer back at any time. Google Chrome will even save several tabs at once in case your computer unexpectedly shuts down, which makes the History section pretty handy.

If you don’t want the computer you are on to save and track the sites you visit, simply use Incognito Mode instead. If you share a computer, this can be a good way to achieve a bit of privacy.

Adding Profiles

If you share a computer with family or co-workers, you can create multiple profiles on Chrome to keep your settings, history, and preferences separate. Get a step-by-step guide to setting up browser profiles here.

Guest Browser

If you have a temporary user situation, Chrome has an option to set up a guest browser to separate your settings and allow them to have a user experience of their own (that isn’t customized by your browsing usage). This could also be used in situations where there is a public computer accessible to guests.

It’s amazing just how much work Internet browser companies put into making your user experience as customizable and personalized as possible. By taking charge of your browsing experience, you’ll find yourself more productive and efficient while working online.

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