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Will Email Ever Go Away?

Email productivity: two words that can sometimes feel like an impossible phrase. Email has become a black hole that can sink your productivity and focus. Our days can become reactionary and frustrating while we answer emails and face off against the agendas of other people.

In the face of that struggle some are predicting email’s downfall by the year 2020.

Options Other Than Email

Social media has opened pathways never considered before. You can use DMs on Twitter, messages on Facebook, and contact people in other ways. Apps like Basecamp (formerly Campfire), Slack, Asana, Skype, and Trello are changing the way businesses communicate internally and with clients.

Meeting apps like Zoom are also making waves in the way we do business by allowing us to save on travel costs without sacrificing the intimacy of meeting face-to-face. The platform Slack has reduced internal emails in businesses by 48.6% – That’s an unprecedented number. Does this mean email will completely disappear one day?

Perhaps, but we’re not there yet. Until something new comes on the market that can be universally used for communication, we’re stuck with email.

Email is Here to Stay (for now)

Even Slack, social media, and other forms of communication rely on email for their service and operation. Facebook, Yahoo and AOL Instant Messenger, and MySpace were all supposed to replace email.

TechCrunch states that “email is the most trusted and reliable source for record keeping in the workplace.” It is an official record keeping tool and falls under stiff regulations.

While email is often used as a communication and task management hub, 74% of emails received are junk mail and spam that needs to be sorted. This constant bombardment of (mostly useless) information can become overwhelming.

Break Free of the Email Black Hole

So how do we break free of the email black hole? It’s a form of communication, but it’s not the entirety of communication. Email productivity is about managing your time efficiently and learning how to use our email management tool effectively. In a world where we need to find a balance between work and life and bypass the digital overload we face today, knowing how to organize your email and take control of your inbox can save you time and stress.

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