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44 Ways to Prepare for the Week Ahead for a More Organized Year

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Planning ahead is something almost everyone can agree is important. When done right, it can help you execute projects, meet goals, and still have time left over to have fun and enjoy life.

Yet, many people ignore the benefits and argue that planning takes too much work. I’m here to tell you: that’s not true. Keep reading for 44 simple ways you can prepare for the week ahead, with minimal time or effort:

  1. Plan your fitness regime for the week. How often will you work out? Where will you go? Schedule this time into your calendar so that it is an appointment, not a task.

  2. Go ahead and pack that gym bag and get it ready with the necessities. Workout at home? Same idea, but pick a place near your exercise area to stash what you need.

  3. Sunday is a great time to prep some healthy snacks for the week. This will help you avoid just grabbing something from the kitchen or fridge when you need to munch.

  4. Double check your calendar for the upcoming week and make notes of deadlines, assignments, appointments, and events. If you have them written down in several places, move them to one central calendar.

  5. Grab your purse, briefcase or work bag and do a purge of any unnecessary items. Do you still need it? Can you file it away? What’s missing that you need to replenish or add?

  6. Pull out your device and check the weather for the week. What’s in store and does it impact anything on your calendar?

  7. Coffee drinker? Great! Set-up a space in your kitchen and make sure that everything is ready to go for Monday morning. Ideally, all you should have to do is push the start button to get going.

  8. Grab your planner or just a sheet of paper and make a list of action items that you need to get done this week. Also, add some tasks you’d like to get done if you have time.

  9. Go ahead and clear out all the unnecessary voicemail messages so you start the week fresh.

  10. Create a music playlist for the week. If you know you like upbeat music or working out or need some focus jams to help with productivity, get those lists ready to go on Sunday.

  11. There’s nearly nothing better than starting out the week after a bit of self-care. Get your nails done, grab a pedicure or see your hairstylist so you go into the week looking (and feeling) great.

  12. Drop off those dry clean only items at the cleaners.

  13. Go grocery shopping for your weekly staples and meal ingredients.

  14. Grab the trash from around the house and go ahead and take it out.

  15. Get your laundry done so your favorite items are ready for you.

  16. Time to declutter and tidy up the house from the chaos of the previous week. Don’t drag any of that into your new week.

  17. As you’re doing the laundry, throw in the sheets and towels so you have a fresh set come Monday morning.

  18. Hop on Amazon and order that book you’ve been meaning to read.

  19. Prep your lunches for the week. Not only will you eat better but your pocketbook will thank you!

  20. Wash your car (or even better go through the local drive-thru car wash after you’re done shopping).

  21. Fill the car up with gas so you aren’t worried about being out-and-about with an empty tank.

  22. Dream up and schedule some fun plans for the following weekend – you’ll have something to look forward to all week.

  23. Take the time to shave (great time to get a bath in as well if you are a bathtub person).

  24. Clean out your car: If it’s just another place for you to keep junk, all of that clutter might be draining your energy.

  25. Pick out your Monday outfit before going to bed.

  26. Got kids? Make sure their school bags are packed and ready to go for the week.

  27. Clean out the fridge and toss out questionable or expired items.

  28. Determine what your three priorities for the week are so you can tackle them early.

  29. Planning your next vacation? Go ahead and request the necessary time off from work so it doesn’t slip by.

  30. Print out a motivational quote that you love and will help you get through to Friday.

  31. Take a few moments to visualize how you’d like the upcoming week to go.

  32. Self-care is important. Pamper yourself.

  33. Declutter just one drawer in your kitchen. Be careful – you might get carried away!

  34. Take 5 to 30 minutes to catch up with an old friend.

  35. Clean out your make-up bag and throw away anything you no longer use.

  36. Clean up your electronic cords. Phone jacks? Yes, you can probably throw those away.

  37. Write a thank you note to someone who impacted your life in a positive way in the previous week.

  38. Throw some stuff in the crockpot so you don’t have to worry about dinner Monday night.

  39. Clean your computer’s desktop – filing away any documents you are done with.

  40. Set your DVR to record your favorite shows.

  41. Make an appreciation list: Write down five things you’re grateful for and start the week off in a positive place.

  42. Got a birthday party or other special event coming up? Purchase and wrap the gifts.

  43. Set an intention for the week: be braver, be kinder, be more productive. Select a theme word to support your energy.

  44. Take some time to reflect on the first month of this year. This act of mindfulness will help you with direction this week.

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