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Hire a Professional Organizer that’s right for you

Are you looking to hire a professional organizer or productivity specialist? Whether you’re considering hiring, or not, these tips will help you find the right fit for your project and specific needs.

Tip #1 – Interview more than one organizer

Interview a few different organizers before making a decision on who to hire to get a feel for their personality and approach to working with their clients. Organizers have different personalities, business practices, and methodologies, so it might be beneficial to contact several organizers to compare the differences.

Tip # 2 – Consider these three things

  1. How long have they been in business?

  2. What special training or special certifications do they have?

  3. Are they a member of any professional organizations?

Professional organizing has been around for decades, but you may have only recently been introduced to the industry. Despite the industry being newer, there are organizations like NAPO and ICD that help provide resources, research, and credibility to the industry.  I HIGHLY encourage you to consider working with an organizer that is a member of one of these organizations.

While there are many seasoned and highly-qualified organizers out there who are not members of professional organizations like NAPO or ICD, it’s a good idea to ask how long they have been organizing professionally and what areas they specialize in. If they have less than one year of experience in the profession, ask what kind of training or professional affiliations they have.  

Newer organizers may have less experience and that’s ok! If they are a member of NAPO, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they have met minimum educational requirements and have a professional code of ethics they follow.

It’s important to note that most organizers come from previous fields of study that lend themselves to the organizing profession. An organizer may have decades of experience as an executive assistant, teacher, IT consultant, or another related field before entering the profession.

Tip #3 – Most Importantly…

  1. What does your inner voice tell you about the organizer after talking to them? 

Listen to your gut! Regardless of experience, certifications, or professional affiliation, you’ll get a feeling for who the best fit for you and your needs are.

If you’d like more guidance on how to select an organizer that’s right for you, the Institue for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) has a helpful Fact Sheet: “How to find a Professional Organizer that’s right for me?”.

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