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Organizing Myths – Where People Get Hung Up When It Comes to Organization

Just mention the word “organization” and watch as full-grown adults go into sheer panic. Why?

The reason is that organizing is surrounded by countless myths and misconceptions that leave people dreading the job. Rather than face the task at hand, most people will give every excuse in the book for delaying the inevitable.

I think we can all agree, though, that learning how to organize is in everyone’s best interest. And guess what? It’s not even half as bad as people make it out to be. In fact, I’d venture to say that it could even be fun!

Let go of these three common misconceptions about organization and you can start living a better (neater!) life:

  1. MYTH: Organization is all about perfection. Organizing isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s not about being perfect; it’s about finding a system that is perfect for you.

Your workspace should be a calm and happy place that you look forward to returning to, and a space that allows you to express your ideas and creativity. It should reflect your best self.

Having a system in place, even if it’s not the same as anyone else’s, allows that to happen.

  1. MYTH: Organization isn’t for creative people. If you have an artist’s mind, you just can’t be organized, right? WRONG. Organizing, systematizing and automating the boring stuff actually support you in being more creative.

Just consider this: if you had a brilliant idea for a new painting, wouldn’t it be easier to get it onto the canvas if you knew where all your supplies were and could quickly locate them?

A disorganized space introduces distractions and wastes valuable time. And frankly, if you have to spend 15 minutes searching for the right brush or the correct color, you might lose your creative energy by the time you actually get started.

  1. MYTH: Organization is judgmental. The recent popularity of home organization books and television shows has led many people to believe that in order to be organized, they have to do things in a certain way. That couldn’t be more false!

Being organized comes in many different shapes and sizes. It’s what works for you and the people around you.

What is organization not? Perfection! It just needs to feel good and work for you (see my first point).

When we want to know if something is organized, we seek to answer these four questions taught by one of the original (and greatest) professional organizers of all time, Barbara Hemphill:

  1. Does it work? Does this process, system, set-up, schedule, etc. make sense and actually WORK for you?

  2. Do you like it? Do you actually like how the system looks and works? Have you ever tried something that worked for someone else (like a diet?) that you hated so much you couldn’t stick with it? It’s the same with organizing and productivity: You’ve got to like it and it has to make sense to you.

  3. Does it work for others? So many times, I hear the most chaotic-looking individuals say that their space may look like a mess, but they know where everything is. That’s great – for you. If you don’t have employees, coworkers, clients, a spouse or anyone else that needs access to your information, and they aren’t bothered by your “style” of organization, then keep on keeping on. But in most cases, we need to ask if it works for everyone – especially if you are a business owner.

  4. Can you recover quickly? When you’re organized and hit a bump in the road (like getting the flu and being out of the office for two weeks, or having your parents move in with you, or an unexpected opportunity arises, or even if you just have a busier-than-usual day) your ability to get back on track and the speed with which you can do it is an indication of how organized your system is. If you get thrown off track and it’s like you’re sinking in quicksand and not able to get back out of the hole, there may be an opportunity to reorganize some things.

This is just some of the value you can get when partnering with™. If you’d like more tips, advice or suggestions on how to be more productive and organized, book a 15-minute productivity assessment.

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