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The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Home Office

Whether you are a gig worker, entrepreneur, or an employee whose job has shifted to virtual, your personal workspace is more important than ever. As remote work becomes mainstream, people are discovering they need to create a workspace at home that is both appealing and efficient.

How you design and organize your home office directly impacts your mood and ability to be productive. What can you do to set up a home office that you’ll enjoy working in each day?

Why the Set-Up of Your Physical Home Office Workspace is Important

Research and data have proven that your environment impacts your mood and performance while working. Once you understand how to set up a home office that boosts your motivation and productivity, you’ll have created an area that feels great and encourages you to get more done.

Here are things to consider when designing your physical home office workspace (according to research):

  1. Does the space have access to natural light during the day?

  2. 10% of sick days are directly linked to a lack of nature and natural light in an office setting (Source: org)

  3. How can you design your space for privacy and minimize distractions?

  4. 58% of high-performing workers stated they need a private workspace to minimize distractions. (Source: William Belk)

  5. What colors do you need in the space to improve your mood and minimize stressful emotions?

  6. Certain colors impact your mind, emotions, body, and balance. (Source: Angela Wright)

  7. Are your furniture and computer equipment set up to increase comfort and avoid ergonomic injury?

  8. Comfort is more important than style when it comes to furniture and computer equipment. Understanding ergonomics is vital. (Source: gov)

  9. Do you have an efficient home organization set-up and process for maintaining it?