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9 Unique Colorado Charities You’ll Feel Good Donating To

I bet you’ve got a pile or piles of ‘stuff’ lying around your house that you rarely ever use or think about, stuff that just gets in the way. Decluttering can be liberating because letting go of unnecessary things frees up, not only your space, but also the stress associated with needing to clean or organize a bunch of items that you don’t even care about.

What if, by letting go of items that you don’t have a physical need or emotional connection to, you are enabling them to have a new life of purpose somewhere else? Instead of them just collecting dust in a corner of your house, or in a drawer you never open, they can be sent to a place where they will be used and appreciated? This makes the process of donating your items more meaningful – for you and for others in your community.

Then the next step – where to take all of it? Choosing a charity for your donations can feel daunting. Just dropping them off at your local Goodwill may not be as emotionally satisfying as giving your things away to a local charity focused on a cause you care about. That’s why we found nine unique Colorado charities for you that will not only take your things but are also impacting your area in the best ways possible. Don’t just feel good about letting stuff go – know that by letting it go you are helping people in your own community.

Denver Rescue Mission

Denver Rescue Mission serves the homeless and needy in the Denver metro area. They need non-perishable food items, blankets, gloves, warm clothes, and more. Check out their greatest needs list.

Denver Dumb Friends League