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How to Stay Organized in Your Car

As a real estate agent, you will spend a lot of time in your car. Essentially, your car is the equivalent to a mobile office. To make the best use of your time, it’s essential to organize your vehicle in ways that maximize your efficiency and improve your ability to do your job to the best of your ability. In this article are tips on how to stay organized when you spend most of your time in a car.

Does Your Car Help or Hinder Your Business?

Whether you realize it or not, when working in real estate your car contributes to your brand. Since you are constantly on the move, meeting your clients in various places around your city, your car is often the first impression you make when interacting with home buyers or sellers. Understanding your target audience is important when selecting the right car for your brand. If you specialize in selling million-dollar homes, your car needs to reflect the luxury of that lifestyle.

Also, since you are spending so much time driving around, your car needs to be reliable. A vehicle that isn’t dependable could cost you money, clients, and, potentially, damage your reputation.

Car driving on snowy road at sunrise

Choose a vehicle that can handle seasonal conditions year-round

Here are some other important questions to ask if you want to feel organized in your car:

–> Is your vehicle efficient? How much are you spending on gas?

–> Does it have the space and functionality you need to work in your car from anywhere?

–> You will be spending lots of time in it – is it safe?

–> Is it prepared and able to tackle changes in local weather?

–> If you are driving your clients around, is the car equipped with appropriate climate control and other comfort features?

On the Go Supplies List for staying organized in your car

Being on the go all the time requires organization to ensure you have what you need, when you need it. Pick up some organizational tools such as a Meori, file totes, or crates/baskets. You will need a way to organize your professional supplies so they are easy to access while keeping the vehicle tidy and ready for anything.

To make a good impression and ensure your clients have a positive experience, consider having some of these items on hand:

  1. Water

  2. Snacks

  3. Phone Chargers

  4. Pens

  5. Clipboards

  6. Paper or Notepads for taking notes

Here are some items recommended for your own comfort and efficiency needs:

  1. Lint Roller

  2. Hand Sanitizer

  3. Gum or Mints

  4. Febreze or Air Fresheners

  5. Pens, Pencils, Erasers

  6. Clipboard

  7. Extra lockboxes

  8. Marketing Materials like business cards or flyers

  9. Small trash bags

In addition, a desk for your iPad or laptop is helpful, as well as a portable file folder system for all your relevant paperwork. Figure out how to have your own WiFi on the go, whether it’s a personal hotspot or a device you pay for. Make sure your vehicle has hooks for your jacket.

Safety Tips When Working in Your Car

It’s also key that you set your car up to best protect you while you work. Picking a vehicle with top-quality safety features is great but there are some other ways to organize yourself to promote safety.

Ideally, you would always pull off the road when engaging in a phone call. However, if you plan on taking work calls while driving, it’s imperative that you invest in some sort of hands-free method of sending and receiving calls. Bluetooth headsets and voice-activated features are your best bet. You should never grab, hold, or use your device while driving. Some cars come equipped with voice-activated features that could assist you. Play around with these features before you use them on the road so you aren’t distracting while driving.

Since you will most likely rely on your GPS system to get around, purchase a phone mount for your car so that you are not fiddling with your device while driving.

mand looking at his phone while driving

Purchase hands free accessories

Keep It Professional

It can be tempting to use your car for a variety of purposes but do your best to keep the interior of your car clean and professional. If the car is dirty, cluttered, or you are using it for too many purposes (such as the trunk being full of soccer gear or other items) – this can make an impact on your productivity, as well as give the impression that you aren’t taking the job seriously. Keep a mini vacuum or broom/dustpan in the car to make it convenient to clean it out regularly. Clear out the trunk often. Treat your car like the professional space it is – if it doesn’t belong on your desk, it doesn’t belong in your vehicle.

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